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devenv – development environment

Published by vasiliy.kiryanov on November 20, 2011 under general programming, web-development  

It’s quite common when developers share information about environment, libraries or tools that they use. And it should be work practice for every good software engineer, manager or architect to constantly evaluate new technologies, ideas, fraimworks, etc.

As software development director I always look into new things and want to share my current understanding of important things in Java and Ruby development, architecture design, and performance.

All the companies are telling us that they are developing the best products to support the development of the software but we will rely on a variety of awards, and statistics of usage whenever possible + my experience. This does not mean it will be possible to do without investing your own time but will hopefully make this job a little easier. I will be glad to get your thoughts, critics, and information about things that empower your IT development process.

So, welcome: http://devenv.in

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7 Responses to “devenv – development environment”

  1. Dan Boak says:

    Hello Vasiliy.

    I’m glad you’ve added that info but how about same info for Ruby development, I know you use ruby a lot, so I’m interesting in your vision.

  2. vasiliy.kiryanov says:

    Hello Dan.
    Yes, we actively use Ruby and I surely will add that info on the site, I just need some time to make.

  3. Chris Rowell says:

    hey, thanks for the info.. keep going your great work!

  4. Teiya says:

    Thank you so much for this atrcile, it saved me time!

  5. Phil Smoley says:

    Hey, good list. We use http://www.coverity.com regularly.

  6. vasiliy.kiryanov says:

    Hello Phil.
    thanks for your suggestion, I will check it with a pleasure :/

  7. Suzy says:

    God, I feel like I sohuld be takin notes! Great work

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