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Improvement of Google Ads

Published by vasiliy.kiryanov on June 24, 2011 under be smart, internet  

We all know that Google generates profit primarily from its advertising programs. So keeping them effective is very important but difficult task as users tend to ignore advertisement and use special plug-ins for browsers to block it.

The key here is to make Ads more attractive using information about users, as people say today make them more social. It’s clear that for Social networks like Facebook it is much easier to collect such data then for search engine that can only remember history of your searches and detect your current location.

the straightforward solution

Ask users to provide data and setup Ads they want to see!
google search with customization feature

After users click “Select Ads you want to see” they see simple Ads dashboard:
google dashboard
When users can select useful content there are no reasons for them to block it or ignore, Google can reduce amount places for Ads (like recent bottom place in Gmail) and decries distraction even more. Additionally Google can add Google offers here and turn Ads into some kind of fun.

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3 Responses to “Improvement of Google Ads”

  1. Mike Colan says:

    Hey, it’s great idea, I hope google will implement it.

  2. Igor Pebam says:

    Perhaps it can make advertisement better but the problem is I just hate any advertisement so adblock plugin is my natural choice.

  3. vasiliy.kiryanov says:

    Hello Igor.

    I understand that people can hate Ads but that is the way google earn money to support great service that we all like. So the compromise is to make Ads better.

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